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We are

We make digital marketing better.

We bring together industry-leading experts to help organisations that need expertise, transparency and honesty where a more traditional digital agency or consultancy would struggle. We’re known for our experience working with some of the world’s largest digital brands, and for our approach of not only looking at what our clients need to grow, but also where they need to pivot or invest less.

Our Mission

Agencies are known for technical execution and scale, but also always pushing clients to spend more, engage more teams and grab a bigger piece of the pie. We prefer to avoid this approach.

Consultancies are known for being brutally honest about what needs to be done, but often lack the technical expertise or willingness to take responsibility for executing their recommendations. We also prefer to avoid this approach.

VEN aims to be best of both worlds. We advise honestly and execute with technical brilliance.

We are…


We don’t have dedicated pitch teams; the experts who talk to you about our work are the experts that will be responsible for delivering your work. You may deal with multiple people, but you always deal with one team at VEN.


We work with our clients based on time spent on projects, and generally do not use fixed retainers unless our clients request it. This means if we spend less time on a project compared to our estimate or quote, we pass these savings on to our clients.


It is important to spot opportunities to grow, but equally important to review and not be afraid of slowing down or stopping things that aren’t being useful. We work more holistically and aren’t afraid to advise where to invest less.


We believe that digital campaigns can be forces for good and we enjoy making this happen. We think that you don’t always need to spend more money to achieve more effective outcomes.

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Meet Our Team

We are a strong group of friends and collaborators, all of whom are experts in their own fields. We also passionately believe that together, we can help to provide services that are greater in value than the sum of their parts.

John Sargent

Paid Media Director

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Mark Ridley

Fractional CTO

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Rob Hammond

Paid Media Consultant

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Mitch Richards

RevOps & CRM Director

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Dan Cooke

MarTech & Analytics Director

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What we do

We help understand and challenge your organisation’s goals, identifying what would benefit the most and why. We then follow-through with either best-in-class execution, audits and reports for existing providers or training for your internal teams to take things forward – recommending whatever approach will work best for you.

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We advise, help set up strategy, and execute paid media campaigns, including paid search, paid social, display, and shopping. Our team’s experience helping Google develop their own in-house best practice guidelines allows us to create optimal structures for all clients.

It is critically important to understand where we are and where we want to be, before leaping into action. This will help you identify the most promising opportunities and avoid wasting resources on low-return initiatives.

We can help deep dive into your current AdTech and MarTech stacks and look at how you utilise them, making recommendations around current suitability to your aims and future opportunities that may be available by making changes to the stack.

We help you identify and reach your target audience on social media, running campaigns to amplify all aspects of marketing, from awareness to retargeting. This can help increase brand awareness, drive traffic to your website, and generate leads and sales.

We provide holistic analysis and attribution of your digital marketing spend, including an in-depth look at your current data and reporting needs. This will help you make better decisions about your future digital marketing investments.

Looking at what you are tracking in terms of KPIs, we help spot opportunities and use additional data points to enrich your user journey, enhancing your paid media optimisation opportunities.

Modern Businesses need a a holistic system of measurement so you know how you take a prospect from knowing nothing about you, all the way through to becoming your best customer. This starts with CRM. We can help set up your lifecycle stage criteria to make sense of the entire customer journey.

We constantly strive to streamline repetitive tasks to enhance efficiency, targeting and personalisation, so we can nurture leads, increase engagement, and drive conversions at scale, ultimately boosting ROI. But what do we do and how do we do it? We can help develop what will work for you.

We’ve built top-notch revenue engines for some of the worlds most exciting B2B businesses. utilising our take on bowtie methodology, we can build your engine, tech your commercial org how to drive it, and help you understand the data coming out of it.

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We make digital marketing better.

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