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Using Google Ad Grants PPC to Promote Non-Profits and Boost Website Visitors

The Chartered Institute of Personnel and Development (CIPD) are a professional body with a social purpose: to champion better work and working lives. Their mission is to use their influence and expertise as a standard setter and practice partner to equip the HR profession to deliver this. They also use their convening power as a membership body to shape public debate and the legislative landscape.

The Challenge

We were asked by the CIPD to help efforts to promote their website using their non-profit Google Ad Grants account, and to boost visitor numbers in areas of underperforming content in particular.

The primary challenge was to identify and maximise traffic in a very competitive HR and L&D space, that would allow the CIPD to generate additional traffic despite an Ad Grant account bid cap imposed by Google.

A further challenge is that the CIPD also has a commercial arm, unlike many other non-profits. It was important to avoid cannibalising commercial queries, keep the nature of the Ad Grant account strictly promoting the non-profit arm of the CIPD and direct people to the most relevant content.

What We Did

We identified four keys areas where visitors were seeking either member information or for specific pieces of the CIPD’s public facing thought leadership. Highly themed keyword groups were then created to sit within these campaigns, but at an extremely granular level. This was done for several reasons, including:

– When operating with a maximum bid cap, Quality Score is of critical importance to ensure we can rank competitively, so it is vital to provide as much coverage across long-tail terms as possible,

– Having an ultra-granular structure allows direction of very specific queries to individual pages within a website subsection, and facilitates more easily changing micro-destinations as content evolves over time.

Special Considerations

Having ad copy controlled at such an ultra-granular level can be inefficient to manage for larger-scale commercial accounts, especially ones where website content changes and evolves quickly. However, to maximise the utility of Google Ad Grants, it is worth it here to maximise visibility and relevance within maximum bid cap limitations.

We also targeted a fifth area of content that was created in collaboration with other business units. There was a large internal incentive to direct traffic here, as the microsite it was hosted on did not perform as well organically as the main website. This was launched at the same time as the rest of the new Ad Grant account structure.

The Result

Some results content needs to go here for this case study.


annual vistor count extrapolated from initial clicks and with further room to grow


average click through rate, far exceeding Google Ad Grants minimum target CTR of 5%


average Click-Weighted Quality Score, Maximising click quality to allow exposure despite bidding limitations


average position for fifth content pillar where microsite was struggling organically

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