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No1 Lounges

Demonstrating Best Practice Paid Search Structure Using Multi Touch Attribution

No1 Lounges offer award-winning airport lounges designed for all types of traveller, with fully tended bars, seasonal fresh food, a range of pre-flight services including spas and beds, and the best seats at the airport. They operate at a number of major airports throughout the UK and internationally.

The Challenge

No1 Lounges had long-standing paid media campaigns that were managed by various agencies that were performing adequately, but had little formal structure. As a result, especially in an environment where organic search data is increasingly difficult to obtain, analysis over which search terms contribute towards conversions was difficult at best.

When it came to restructuring the account for performance, analysis of converting keywords was a good place to start, but would not take into account customer journeys further up the funnel which were important, and needed to be taken into consideration. However, Google and Bing Ads alone could not provide this insight.

The Solution

We partnered with Fospha, a leading data-driven attribution company, to help us better understand No1 Lounges’ multi-channel acquisition costs and where customers were being taken on their digital journeys.

Using analysis of customer journeys through the No1 Lounges website when initially arriving through other channels or through top-of-funnel paid search terms, a picture was built showing which higher-funnel terms looked like they were producing little to no last-click revenue, but were in fact quite valuable as part of the user journey.

Targeting across the height of the conversion funnel was then fully measurable as we restructured of the No1 Lounges paid search account, giving us a broader view and better understanding of when campaigns were positively contributing to conversions.

The Result

With multi-touch attribution allowing us to directly measure how much of our Paid Search spend played a role in converting user journeys, we demonstrated that the restructure and keyword strategy used for No1 Lounges had achieved exceptional results.


of paid search spend contributed directly towards a converting user journey, compared to an industry average of under 26%.


annual vistor count extrapolated from initial clicks and with further room to grow.


average click through rate far exceeding Google Ad grants minimum target CTR of 5%.

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We have had a great experience transitioning from a more traditional digital agency relationship to working with VEN. Our closer working arrangements have led to greater mutual understanding of business needs and increased flexibility to respond to new challenges. Importantly, VEN’s expertise and involvement in other related areas of acquisition has helped underpin further improvements in performance across the board. VEN operates as a proactive and effective extension of our in-house team.

John Upton

CEO, No1 Lounges

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