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Salary Finance

Structuring PPC Accounts for Efficiency at Scale

Salary Finance’s mission is to change the lives of working people by helping them become debt-free and save towards their goals. By helping employees manage debt, build a savings habit and access earned pay, Salary Finance offers an impactful benefit employees truly value.

The Challenge

Following on from a successful period of onboarding new clients, Salary Finance wanted to shift their focus on how they could manage their paid media spend at scale. The overall objective is to get their accounts structured correctly sooner to avoid the cost of making things right later.

The challenge was two-fold: in addition to focusing on efficiency in preparation for unprecedented growth, an increasingly large number of existing and prospective customers were using search engines to find Salary Finance. This could cause a less than ideal user experience, and also presented as risk of competitors interrupting the user journey, which needed to be minimised.

The Solution

– The structure of the account was overhauled from scratch to completely segregate not just branded terms, but terms associated with customers as opposed to prospects. This involved research of similar customer portals as well as consulting with the Salary Finance team, and ensured that for long-tail keywords Salary Finance could minimise their bids more effectively,

– Campaigns were also segregated by match type with a multi-level negative strategy, allowing for quick rollout of campaigns at scale while also giving flexibility to tactically dial back on broader queries without impacting core profitability,

– Terms that were associated with servicing existing customers could then be individually deep-linked, and the lack of incentive for competitor targeting here meant that for specific groups of search terms (which were growing in number weekly) it would be possible to drastically reduce costs per click.

The Result

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month on month traffic increase by building account structure for campaign efficiencies at scale.


search advertising spend saving while maintaining account performance and not losing clicks.


click through rate in customer-focused campaigns, well above the industry standard.


reduction in cost per click throughout restructured post-acquisition campaigns.


saved in annual marketing costs across trial customers, that can be scaled at low effort as new partners are onboarded with business growth

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