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Boosting Ticket Sales for a Leading Technology Conference

Discover how we helped a leading tech company boost B2B event ticket sales and achieve significantly engagement and conversion rates for an industry leading technology conference.

The Challenge

Our client, a renowned leader in the tech industry, faced significant hurdles in promoting ticket sales for a prominent B2B industry event. They had previously engaged a network advertising agency but struggled to achieve the desired sales outcomes.

The primary challenge lay in effectively reaching a highly specialised B2B audience through search engines. Unlike B2C queries, B2B paid search behaviour is less problem-focused and more niche, making it difficult to identify and target relevant search terms.

Two main issues were identified:

1. Identifying Converting Search Terms: Understanding the specific, niche search behaviour of the B2B paid search audience was crucial. The challenge was to pinpoint the most appropriate search terms that would lead to conversions, which differed significantly from the keywords used in previous years for this client.

2. Complex B2B Decision-Making Process: The purchasing process for high-value conference tickets involved longer sales cycles and multiple stakeholders. Balancing clear, concise messaging with the need to communicate the conference’s technical depth and value proposition was a significant hurdle.

The Solution

Converting search queries that mentioned the conference by name were straightforward to obtain, but extremely limited in volume. A deep dive beyond ticket sales into the heart of the conference content was a necessary first step to help understand what mid-funnel research looked like. Conference themes were collated, then split into keyword groups based on special topics and areas of commercial interest. Some of this was even tailored to professionals who wanted to follow the work of a specific speaker or industry leader.

The next step was to layer baseline converting teams with highly visual and informative creatives to use on both Static Display and Video formats, targeted into individual conference themes. This maximises the chances of potential visitors already being aware of specific themed content prior to browsing for tickets.

Discover how VEN helped a leading tech company boost B2B event ticket sales and achieve significantly engagement and conversion rates for an industry leading technology conference.

Finally, layering in periods of high and low expected activity on the run-up to the conference, taking into account non-work activity such as school holidays, allowed us to anticipate when we felt our budgets could be spent most effectively on B2B paid search.

The Result

Using a blend of Search, Static Display and Video creative, separated into content themes tailored to different desired types of attendee, direct ticket sales were hugely increased for an equivalent year-on-year budget. In addition, the amount of people watching content-led long form videos to completion exceeded industry averages.


increase in directly attributable ticket sales, with near-identical YoY budgets


higher overall YoY engagement on Search


100% played rates on targeted and themed conference video content

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